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Dear Dr. Locker: I have been told that if I cannot give my future girlfriend at least 3 orgasms during sex, she will leave me for another guy who can satisfy her. Is there any truth to that?

Answer from Dr. Locker

No. There is no truth to that at all. Satisfaction is not about number of orgasms. If you have a great relationship with her, and a good enough sex life, then she won't leave you just over the number of orgasms she has with you. Also, sex research has found that most women choose to have one orgasm per sexual encounter. If you and your "future girlfriend" love each other and talk openly about sex and how you each like to be pleased sexually, then you will have the type of relationship in which you will know what she likes and she will help you learn how to please her. You can ask her how she has an orgasm, and then have her show you exactly what to do so that she can orgasm with you. If you always talk openly with her and work to keep your sex life exciting then you and she can have a great sex life with or without tons of orgasms. Finally, when you are in a relationship, focus on enjoying the relationship -- not on the fear that she may leave you.

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