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Dear Dr. Locker: How long does an orgasm last?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Most women’s orgasms last an average of about 15 seconds, and most men’s orgasms last about 20 seconds -- with the range for women and men being from 3 seconds to 60 seconds. How long you think your orgasm lasts depends on how you define an “orgasm.” The muscle tension and involuntary contractions may last only a few seconds, but the intense release and sensation of ‘pleasurable oblivion,’ as I like to call it, may last longer. Also, all of your orgasms are not going to be the same length. Orgasms are like snowflakes, and even for one person, no two orgasms are the same. Time of day, amount of foreplay, time of her menstrual cycle, condoms, amount of sexual stimulation, sexual position, level of distraction, fantasy, love, guilt and dozen of other things may affect the length (and strength) of an orgasm.

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