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Dear Dr. Locker: If I have to have a testicle removed, how will it affect my sex drive? Will I ejaculate half as much, or does the remaining ball work overtime to compensate?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Having a testicle removed (such as for treatment of testicular cancer) should not affect your sexuality. Your lone testicle should make enough sperm to maintain fertility, and enough testosterone to keep your sex drive normal. However, if you have your testicle removed and then sense that your sex drive has taken a dive, get your testosterone tested by your doctor just to be sure.

Also, if only the testicle is removed and no other glands or nerves are damaged, then your quantity of ejaculate should seem about the same. This is because only 5 percent of semen comes from the testicles. Sixty to 75% is from the seminal vesicles; 20% is from the prostate gland, and about 5% is from other glands. If you feel self conscious about your loss of a ball, talk with your doctor about getting a surgical implant. Research in the Journal of Urology found that receiving a testicular implant greatly increases self-esteem. While some guys love being a one-balled wonder, others would rather have a pair, even if one is useless and made of silicone.

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