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Dear Dr. Locker: How do I put a condom on with my mouth?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Okay, this is totally NOT recommended by condom companies, and this CAN cause condoms to break, meaning it could increase your chances of getting pregnant or getting an STI. BUT I will not avoid the question. I will tell you... but just realize there is a risk, as I explained.

Here’s how to put a condom on your partner using only your mouth: 1.) Open the condom package and make sure that the condom is going to roll down. 2.) Place the condom in your mouth, gently holding the edges with your lips. 3.) Make your mouth into an “O” shape, still holding it in your mouth. 4.) Without letting your teeth touch the condom, use your lips to push the condom over the head of the penis and roll it all the way down the shaft, still only using your lips. 5.) Run your lips up and down the shaft to squeeze the air out of the condom. 6.) Be very careful not to let your teeth come in contact with the condom. 7.) Check with your hands to make sure it is on properly.

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