Sex Advice

Dear Dr. Locker: I'm afraid to make any sounds during sex, so I am always holding back. Is that normal?

Answer from Dr. Locker

It's common for people to feel inhibited about the sounds that they might make during sex. Some people are afraid of embarrassment; others don't want the neighbors to hear. If you choose to stay silent, then that’s your choice, and that’s fine. However, if you want to let out your natural sounds, then give yourself permission to do it. Maybe you could try making sounds alone first, just to feel the freedom of it. Moan, groan, grunt, scream, or oooo and ahhh. Then if you want to try it during sex, you can. If you let out your natural sounds during sex, then orgasm may feel more intense. Stifling sex sounds can lessen the pleasure you feel during orgasm, because you are focusing on holding back, rather than totally giving up control. It will also help your partner know with complete certainty that you are enjoying yourself.

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