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Dear Dr. Locker: What can I do to "save the sex" if I ejaculate prematurely?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Sex does not have to end with ejaculation. If you ejaculate before you want to, don't feel terrible. Don't shut down the sexual experience. Don't even apologize. Instead, simply continue being sexual with your partner. Keep the sexual situation flowing! After you ejaculate, just move right into another sex act. You can stimulate her with your hands or mouth. She can still have an orgasm, and both of you can enjoy more sexual play.

For the future, you can learn techniques to try to last longer, and I explain some of these in other answers here. See below. But in the moment in which you ejaculate before you want to, don’t worry. Just keep enjoying other aspects of sex with your partner.

Here are the questions about how to try to prevent p.e.:

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