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Dear Dr. Locker: What is an idea for a new and exciting sexual position?

Answer from Dr. Locker

All you have to do is get creative! Take the basics, and just move around a little, experimenting with wherever your body happens to end up. Put an arm or leg up, or down, or over. Try standing or sitting up during sex. Try doing it in a rocking chair instead of in bed, or even just on the sofa or on the floor. If you need some instruction about new positions, sex books can help. In fact, my book (The Complete Idiot Guide to Amazing Sex) has details and illustrations of some exotic positions. But I will give you a free preview here, of course. Try "The Crab." Here's what to do: The man lies flat on his back. The woman has her back to him, and faces away from him as she sits down on top of his penis, with her legs straddling the outside of his thighs. When the penis is inside her from behind, she leans back on her hands which are at his sides and then onto her feet, lifting up her body, and putting her head back, striving to face up toward the ceiling. In this crablike position, she almost looks like she is doing a back bend. OR try "The Wheelbarrow." In this tricky position, the man stands up while the woman is in front of him, upside down (as if she is about to do a hand stand) with her hands on the floor, and her feet around his waist or on his shoulders (depending on their height). He inserts his penis in her vagina from this position. Most people who try this are probably in for an adventure, just finding out if they can get into this position at all! Overall, have fun experimenting.

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