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Dear Dr. Locker: If I took the morning after pill after unprotected sex, what are the chances that I would still get pregnant?

Answer from Dr. Locker

What is the effectiveness of Plan B? If Plan B is taken as directed within 72 hours of unprotected sex, it is supposed to reduces the chance of pregnancy by about 89%. Eighty nine percent protection is okay for an emergency situation, but it is not enough to rely on in your sex life. This is one of the reasons why Plan B should not be used as your regular birth control method. You should use birth control that is much more effective. For example, when taken daily as directed, birth control pills are 99% effective. If you use condoms in addition to birth control pills, then you are really about 100% protected from pregnancy. That is what you should be going for. Before you have sex, see a doctor to get a prescription for birth control pills.

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