Sex Advice

Dear Dr. Locker: When and how should I broach the topic of birth control?

Answer from Dr. Locker

This is definitely a topic that you need to talk about with your partner. Ideally, it should be put on the table (by the man or woman) well in advance of the night you’re raring to go. At some point when you two are comfortably kicking back on, say, the sofa, ease into it by saying “You know, I’m really attracted to you and feel like we might have sex soon. What type of birth control do you think we should use?” Present it as if it is something that you both need to think about, and both need to be responsible for. Then if you need help figuring out your options, you can talk to your health care provider, or read in my books about your options, or go to for a chart describing all the various methods.

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