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Dear Dr. Locker: I don't think that my husband and I have sex as much as other people. How much do they do it, and how much should we?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Americans have sex an average of 113 times per year—that’s a little over 2 times per week. Still, that doesn’t mean having sex more or less often is a problem. The more important question you should be asking yourself is this: Are you and your partner both satisfied with the amount of sex you’re having? If you answer this question yes, then you have nothing to worry about! Whether you’re doing it once a day or once a year, if it makes you both happy it's fine.

If, however, there’s a marked imbalance between the amount of sex you and your partner want to have, then it can help to have a discussion about what can be done to make sure both parties are happy. Maybe, for example, your partner’s so pooped by the time he or she goes to bed at night that you’re better off trying to initiate some fun in the morning.

Regardless of how you compare to others, if you feel low sex drive is your (or your partner's) issue, then for more information, you should consult a medical doctor or sex therapist. Low libido is often caused by medication, stress, or some other factors, which can be resolved by a visit to a doctor. Also, you may want to read my article:The Lowdown on Low Desire

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