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Dear Dr. Locker: Does having more orgasms reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases?

Answer from Dr. Locker

There have been many anecdotal reports of orgasm reducing the risk of everything from cancer to baldness. Some scientific studies try to show links between orgasm and disease reduction. For example, one area that has been explored is the link between orgasm and heart health. A study found that levels of the hormone dehydroepiandrostone, which is released with orgasm, may reduce the risk of heart disease. However, other studies disprove this relationship. Links between orgasm and cancer have also been studied. An Ohio University gynecologist found that frequency of orgasm might improve the progress of women recovering from cancer treatment. Also, two studies (one in the US and one in Australia) found that men who ejaculate more may help reduce their risk of prostate cancer. However, there have also been studies to disprove all of the above theories. Therefore, there have not been enough sound scientific studies to “prove” any of these claims connecting orgasm with reduction of these diseases.

Yet...we do know that orgasm has many health benefits. Orgasm is a major stress reliever. Lowering stress is healthy, of course. Plus, having an orgasm releases endorphins, which act as natural painkillers. For women, orgasms can relieve menstrual cramps and the congested feeling that they may feel in their pelvis during their periods. For many people orgasms also provide temporary relief from headaches, irritability and improves their mood. Orgasms also give people great joy, and that's good for your health. So please enjoy frequent orgasms, and here’s to your health!

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