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Dear Dr. Locker: When I touch my penis head it hearts. Should I worry?

Answer from Dr. Locker

I'll assume that "hearts" was a typo, and you actually meant to write "hurts." If the head of your penis hurts, it may be for one of several reasons (or a combination of these reasons). Most often, mild penis pain is a result of prolonged, frequent, or active sex or masturbation. If the sensation of pain, soreness, or sensitivity began after a long masturbation session or vigorous sexual activity of any kind, then that's the most likely cause. If the pain subsides in a day or so, then it may not be a major concern. But if the pain persists for more than 24 hours, or if the pain increases, please see a doctor. I am not a medical doctor; I have a Ph.D., and I cannot give you medical advice. I can explain that there are many reasons for penis pain. When not caused by active use, penis pain could be caused by a wide variety of things, including an infection (sexually transmitted, or another type), an irritant (such as shampoo), a complication with your foreskin, a problem with your bladder or prostate, an allergy (such an allergy to latex condoms), or a number of other issues. Your primary care doctor should be able to advise you after an exam. Please don't be embarrassed about seeing a doctor about your penis or about your sexual health. Doctors know that their patients have sex and/or masturbate (and doctors do it, too). Your health is important, so please don’t allow inhibitions about talking about sex keep you from getting proper medical care. (Oh, by the way, if, in fact, you had intended to write that your penis "hearts," then I’d assume you're falling in love.)

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