Sex Advice

Dear Dr. Locker: I sometimes fantasize about other men during sex with my boyfriend. I know that's normal, but I worrry that I will call out another guy's name! Help!

Answer from Dr. Locker

In the heat of the moment, there´s no telling what you might say. If you say a different guy´s name you´re in trouble. Unless your partner ignores it (knowing that accidents happen), it will certainly ruin the mood. If it happens, you can tell him that all the blood left your brain and is in your genitals. It was not intentional, nor should he read anything into it. Tell him that you care about him, he´s sexy, and that you were so into the sex you lost your mind. See if he´ll let you make it up to him. In the future: The best way to avoid this... do not say any names during sex, ever!

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