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Dear Dr. Locker: Are there sex positions that prevent getting pregnant, and what is the best position to conceive?

Answer from Dr. Locker

There are NO positions that will prevent pregnancy. You may get pregnant in ANY sex position. Whether the woman is on her back, on her stomach, on top, on bottom, sitting, standing, on all fours, or any other position, if a penis is in her vagina then it is possible that she may get pregnant. Also, she can get pregnant no matter where you have sex, for example, if you are having sex in a swimming pool, she can still get pregnant. The only way to prevent pregnancy when having sex is by effectively using birth control, such as birth control pills (which are 99% effective against pregnancy if taken as prescribed by a doctor at exactly the same time each day) -- and to be even closer to 100% protected to use a second method (such as perfectly using condoms in combination with another method such as birth control pills). You must use protection correctly every time you have sex if you do not want to get pregnant.

While people can get pregnant in any position, there ARE positions that are said to be the best to conceive. For example, many people say that a woman may conceive more easily when she is on her back and the man is on top, and she bends her knees up and angle her pelvis up (perhaps with a pillow under her hips), so that when he ejaculates the sperm can more easily move up through her vagina, past her cervix through her uterus to her fallopian tubes in its quest to find her egg. Also, to help her chances of getting pregnant, many people believe that after he ejaculates, when he removes his penis from her vagina, she should then keep her pelvis tilted up, and hug her knees, and stay that way for 15 to 30 minutes to keep the semen inside her. Finally, many people say that a woman should try to have an orgasm just after he ejaculates (even if she has to masturbate), because her vaginal and uterine contractions that occur from having an orgasm may help the sperm travel toward her egg. Note: The reason why I kept writing "many people say" above is because there are some people who become pregnant very easily without being concerned with positions or other maneuvers; so it is all individual. If you have been trying to conceive for one year with no success (or 6 months if you are over age 35), then you should consult your OBGYN doctor and a fertility specialist to get more information and advice, or to get fertility testing.

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