November, 2008

Hannah Montana Penis Candy

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

I did a double take when I saw this candy at Walgreens.

Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus Penis Candy
Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus Penis Candy

I suppose this could provide a teachable moment for girls who are Miley fans, if they have not yet learned the anatomical names of sexual body parts. Hold up candy, and explain: “This is called a penis. It consists of a shaft and a head, also called the glans. On the underside where the glans meets the shaft is an indentation called the frenulum. At the base of the penis, you’ll see another part of the male anatomy called the scrotum. Can you say ‘scrotum’?” Of course, after the lesson I doubt you’ll want your daugther eating this candy. (An aside: you’ll see that they are individually wrapped, to reduce the risk of a sword fight in your mouth.)

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