July, 2009

Viagra Abuse in Teens

Friday, July 31st, 2009

By Dr. Sari Locker

Teen Death Related to Erectile Dysfunction Drug

Joe Loudon, a 16 year old from Orinda, CA, died at a party recently, and the autopsy results found that in addition to alcohol, he also had an erectile dysfunction medication, Papaverine, in his system. It is unknown whether he took the drug voluntarily, or someone slipped it into his drink, coerced him to take it, or gave it to him without revealing the type of drug. His parents said that they had no knowledge of how this drug could have been in their son’s possession. They are looking for leads about how he may have gotten the drug.  

Teens and Viagra: What do we know?

While it’s not known why Joe Loudon had an erectile dysfunction drug in his system, his story raises the question of why some teens may seek out erectile dysfunction medication. While most teens would never be exposed to the infrequently used older medication Papaverine that was in Joe’s body, there are teens who may consider experimenting with a more common erectile medication, such as Viagra.  There is a good deal of info about teens and Viagra…  (more…)

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Do aphrodisiacs work?

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Madonna lapping milk. Express Yourself.

Madonna lapping milk. Express Yourself.

From time to time popular magazines, TV shows, or websites claim that certain foods will turn you on, and in just one meal you can improve your sex life. However, the foods that are rumored to affect libido (oysters, dark chocolate, bananas, and more), simply contain some vitamins or minerals. None will actually elevate sex drive or improve your sex life, particularly because they would contain such small amounts of so-called aphrodisiac substances. There may be some placebo effect, but beyond that, science generally does not support their effect on libido. Simply put, aphrodisiacs don’t work. The ancient tradition of so-called aphrodisiacs is legend. Food cannot create passion where none exists.

The only way that food can get you more in the mood for sex is if you use food as if it’s a sex toy. Serve and savor it in a seductive way. Feed each other;  eat sensually; use it to try to change the way your bodies taste; lick food off of each other’s bodies. I’ve written more about how to use food during sex in answers to questions in the advice area of my site. Please check these out:

How can I use food during sex? 

What foods change the taste of semen?

What food are fun during kissing?


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Chocolate Orgy

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Popcorn, Twizzlers, and… Group Sex!

At the concession counter at a movie theater, I saw this sign displaying their ice cream flavors. I asked the guy behind the counter: “Is it awkward when children order the Chocolate Orgy?” His response: “No, it’s not awkward, but I tell kids that it’s not as good as it sounds.”  


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Sex on an Exercise Ball

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

People often ask me to create exciting sex positions. Many of my new positions (the Groundhog, the Butterfly, and more) are explained in my book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex. Here’s a fun one I wrote for Cosmopolitan magazine. 
 Creative Sex on an Exercise Ball
Having a Ball: Sex on an Exercise Ball. Get a large exercise ball (or firm large beach ball). The woman lies back on it, with her legs spread, feet flat on the ground, head pointed up or resting back on the ball, and fingers reaching toward the floor for support. The guy kneels or crouches slightly between her legs, then enters her. He can continue kneeling while holding her hips as he thrusts, or he can stretch his body over hers and use his feet on the ground for support. She can grab his butt and draw him into her, or keep her hands on the floor for balance as he moves in and out.  If you enjoy deep penetration, this position will certainly give it to you. Maintaining your balance on the ball forces the woman to tilt her pelvis upward slightly, so the man experiences deep penetration. The exercise ball will stay in place firmly under the woman,  unless he thrusts very hard or fast. He’ll need to restrain his motions — no wild bucking — which will keep his desire on a slow, superhot boil.

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Trimming Your Topiary, err…Pubic Hair

Friday, July 10th, 2009

It’s bathing suit season, and according to the new TV commercials for Schick Quattro TrimStyle, it’s the time when millions of women trim the hedges and mow the lawn. Their new product which combines a razor on one end and a pubic hair trimmer on the other has been the talk of the advertising world, because of the ad’s clever use of bushes. It takes a few seconds for most people to see the connection to pubic hair, but when you get it, it’s bound to evoke either a laugh, some degree of shock, or even anger if you find it sexist. You can use these ads to talk with your partner about your grooming preferences. Millions of women prefer to go au naturale, and that’s totally fine. Don’t be pressured to wax it all off a la the characters from Sex and the City… and porn… and the creepy hairless pussy cat at the end of the “Mow the Lawn” commercial below. Many people prefer tidy or creative pubic hair styles, even if you can’t get it quite as perfect as the Edward Scissorhands hedges in these ads.  It’s your personal choice, and a decision you can make with your partner. Watch the ads together to talk about how you like your bushes. 



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The Sex Appeal of Michael Jackson

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

In several recent articles about Michael Jackson, it has been said that he had no sex appeal; or he was asexual; or people all thought he was gay; or his fans never found him sexy. Well, that’s not so. In 1992, I conducted a survey asking people which celebrities they would most want to have sex with. Michael Jackson was at the top of the list!

Michael Jackson certainly had sex appeal, but only for a limited time. Not in the Jackson Five days,  and not after the child molestation charges. During the years in between he had fans who found him very sexy. When I conducted my survey, the Dangerous album was red hot, including “Black or White” — one year before the first child sexual molestation charges. What made MJ sexy? I doubt it was his signature crotch grab or shirtless Herb Ritts photos. Rather it was his dance moves, rhythm, dedication, and creativity. All very sexy qualities. Surely as his life progressed (and his face morphed, his relationships were presented as more unusual, and he revealed that he slept in bed with other people’s children) any trace of his sexiness faded.  However, as we’ve seen over the past few days, there are still millions of people who remember – and love – the sexy Michael of years past.


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