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Up Close With Diana Williams

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Today, I was a guest on Up Close with Diana Williams on WABC TV Channel 7. Diana is an incredibly gracious host — intelligent, warm, and interesting. Below is a screen shot. We discussed sexting, as it relates to Anthony Weiner, as well as how it affects relationships in general. We also talked about teen sexting, and touched on what parents can do to prevent it. I’m glad that at least the Weiner story can used be a “teachable moment.”

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Viagra Abuse in Teens

Friday, July 31st, 2009

By Dr. Sari Locker

Teen Death Related to Erectile Dysfunction Drug

Joe Loudon, a 16 year old from Orinda, CA, died at a party recently, and the autopsy results found that in addition to alcohol, he also had an erectile dysfunction medication, Papaverine, in his system. It is unknown whether he took the drug voluntarily, or someone slipped it into his drink, coerced him to take it, or gave it to him without revealing the type of drug. His parents said that they had no knowledge of how this drug could have been in their son’s possession. They are looking for leads about how he may have gotten the drug.  

Teens and Viagra: What do we know?

While it’s not known why Joe Loudon had an erectile dysfunction drug in his system, his story raises the question of why some teens may seek out erectile dysfunction medication. While most teens would never be exposed to the infrequently used older medication Papaverine that was in Joe’s body, there are teens who may consider experimenting with a more common erectile medication, such as Viagra.  There is a good deal of info about teens and Viagra…  (more…)

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Plan B for Teens on CNN Headline News

Friday, March 27th, 2009

There are too many misconceptions about Plan B, and I’d like to correct some of them.

Yesterday when I appeared on CNN Headline News, I heard many misconceptions about Plan B — also called EC, Emergency Contraception, and The Morning After Pill — and about what it means for our government to allow 17 year olds to buy it without a prescription. Here are the top misconceptions, and then the realities. (more…)

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Sex and Tech: Sexting Study Finds 1 in 5 Teens Sending Nude or Semi-Nude Pictures

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

With today’s release of “Sex and Tech” the new study from The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and Cosmo Girl, we now know the realities of the problem of teens “sexting,” sending sexual content via cell phones. We now have statistics to back up the vague sense that many teens are doing something with their cell phones and online that could create a sexual crisis for them. 

The study found that at least one in five teens (22% of girls and 18% of boys) say they have electronically sent nude or seminude images of themselves. And 39% of teens have sent sexually suggestive text messages or emails to someone.

Moreover, the study found that what teens are doing electronically affects what they do face-to-face, offline. More than a third (38%) of teens say that exchanging sexy content makes dating or hooking up more likely, and nearly one third of teens (29%) believe those exchanging sexy content are “expected” to date or hook up.

Why are teen girls so eager to pose for scandalous photos? To please guys. An overwhelming 85% of teen girls say that sending sexy photos or messages keeps a guy’s attention. Three-fourths of girls 13 to 16 (76%) say sending sexy images is a “sexy presents” for a boyfriend.  Two thirds of teen girls (66%) who have sent sexually suggestive content say that they did to be “fun or flirtatious.”

Many teens don’t seem to understand that sending anything over the cell phone or Internet makes it public. The study confirmed that when sexy content is sent, it is not likely to remain private. More than one in five teen guys (22%) admit to having shared sexually suggestive messages that they received which had been intended to be private. And 39% of boys and 38% of girls have had sexy messages shared with them.

I will be discussing this study on television and I will write more about it here, including what parents can do about this. 

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Sexting: I’ll be talking about it on CNN Today

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Today at 5:15pm EST, I’ll be on CNN Headline News talking about this news story…

Teen girls sent naked pics and now parents are suing school

By Jessica Blanchard, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Parents of two Bothell High School cheerleaders have sued the Northshore School District, alleging school officials erred when they suspended the girls from the team this year after nude photos of them circulated throughout the student body via text message.  School officials learned of the photos in August after receiving copies from a source they have not named, according to the lawsuits. In early September, the two teens were suspended from the cheer squad — one for 30 days and the other for the entire school year. Both lawsuits, filed Monday in King County Superior Court, accuse school administrators of violating the girls’ due process rights, needlessly sharing the photos with other school staff members and failing to promptly report the matter to police as possible child pornography.  Attorney Matthew King, who represents both families, said it also was troubling that the teens were punished, but football players and other students at the school who sent or received the texts were not.”  This is the link to the full story.

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Hannah Montana Penis Candy

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

I did a double take when I saw this candy at Walgreens.

Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus Penis Candy
Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus Penis Candy

I suppose this could provide a teachable moment for girls who are Miley fans, if they have not yet learned the anatomical names of sexual body parts. Hold up candy, and explain: “This is called a penis. It consists of a shaft and a head, also called the glans. On the underside where the glans meets the shaft is an indentation called the frenulum. At the base of the penis, you’ll see another part of the male anatomy called the scrotum. Can you say ‘scrotum’?” Of course, after the lesson I doubt you’ll want your daugther eating this candy. (An aside: you’ll see that they are individually wrapped, to reduce the risk of a sword fight in your mouth.)

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