Sari Says: The Real Dirt on Everything From Sex to School

This is a great teen advice book, awarded by the American Library Association. It is a Q and A book that covers many topics, including dating and sex. (HarperCollins, 2001)

Table of Contents

Sari Says: The Real Dirt on Everything from Sex to School

Chapter 1 - There's No Place Like Home: Coping with Your Parents and Sibs

Chapter 2 - School Days: Studying Like You Mean It (and Coping With School Problems)

Chapter 3 - Friends Forever: Finding Them and Loving Them

Chapter 4 - You've Got Style: Learning Pointers on Fashion

Chapter 5 - You're No Body Till You Love Your Body: Improving Your Body Image

Chapter 6 - Totally Crushing: Handling Your Feelings About Your Crush

Chapter 7 - The Dating Game: Dating Skills and Etiquette

Chapter 8 - Pucker Up: Kissing Tips

Chapter 9 - Boyfriends and Girlfriends: Making Relationships Work (Or Being Okay About Being Single)

Chapter 10 - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Making the Break and Recovering After

Chapter 11 - Let's Talk About Sex: Everything You Will Need to Know

Appendix - Resources for More Info and Help