Dr. Sari Locker has been quoted in Redbook many times. Here is a list of a few of the articles that she has been quoted in, plus an excerpt from one of the articles.

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  • How to have more sense-ual sex

    Redbook, May 2006

    By Julie Taylor

    Most better-sex tips focus on exactly what to do in bed. But sex isn't just about technique-it's about experiencing every breathtaking moment. By tuning in to your senses, you can connect with your guy in an even more intimate way and achieve new heights of sexual intensity. Here, the most effective (and explosive) ways to embrace all the sensations that make for amazing sex. Prepare for sensory overload!

    You don't have to actually touch to give each other goose bumps. Try this: lie naked on the bed while he slowly runs his hand over your body-hovering just above, but not quite touching, the skin. "This is a technique that is used in tantric sex in order to create a spiritual connection between partners," explains Sari Locker, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex. "The sensation of warmth emanating from your bodies will awaken all of your senses."

    (This is an abridged version of the article.)