Pace University: Pleasantville, NY


December 2000

Let's Talk About Sex at Sex-Sation 2000


What is sex really like? How do you create a scenario for great sex and why do people have sex? These were just a few of the questions addressed by sex expert Sari Locker at Sex-Sation 2000.  Sponsored by the junior class and Activities Fees on Nov. 28 in the Butcher Suite, approximately 50 students came to Sex-Sation 2000 to satisfy their appetite for sexual knowledge. Topics ranged from how to give good oral sex to how to give a woman an orgasm.

Locker began the evening by introducing herself and asking the audience how the media portrays sex and how the audience feels about sex. The audience felt the media shows sex as always wonderful, lasting the whole night, and relaxing. When asked what sex is really like the audience gave very different responses such as confusing, cut short by premature ejaculation, and awkward one-night stands.

Locker also asked audience members to create a scenario that would make great sex. The audience responded with suggestions such as the scenario had to be comfortable, include a lot of different sexual positions, and be in a romantic setting. Locker also asked why the audience thinks people have sex. This brought about responses such as to burn calories, as entertainment, and because everyone else is doing it. The next segment consisted of a group activity where the students were separated into five groups who were designated for each of the five senses. The groups had to come up with creative ideas for making love with the assigned sense without having intercourse.  The idea behind this was to give those students who aren't sexually active an idea of what sex is like or ideas for those who are looking to spice up their sex lives safe sex ideas.

The last and most anticipated segment was when Locker answered questions that were put into a question box by students in the beginning of the event. Students attention spans peaked when Locker answered such questions as how to give good oral sex, how to compromise with a partner with a significantly higher sex drive, and relationship questions such as how do you tell between infatuation and love.

Students came for food for the stomach (free food was served) and left with food for the soul.

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