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Dear Dr. Locker: Can a guy get a tattoo on his penis? If so, how is it done?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Yes, penis tattoos are possible. There are many tattoo artists who will not give penis tattoos, because they don’t particularly want to touch a guy’s penis. There are others (mostly women) who will gladly give a penis tattoo, but they will charge about twice as much than they would if you were getting the same tat on your arm, a so-called “handling fee.” To find out how a penis tattoo is applied, I spoke with an awesomely cool tattoo artist named Alex who works at Stylin’ Tattoos in Daytona Beach, Florida, and is very experienced with giving penis tattoos. According to Alex, first she makes a stencil of the design that will be put on the penis. Then with the penis flaccid (limp) she holds the skin of the penis taut (sometimes the guy helps with this part, too) and she applies the stencil and then creates the tattoo. Alex tells me that tattooing is not done on an erection, because, “a guy can’t stay hard when a needle is coming at his penis.” She says that most of the penis tattoo designs are simply a woman’s name. The name is written along the shaft, avoiding the head. So the letter size and name length need to be appropriate for the size of the penis. The longest name she ever tattooed had nine letters in the first name and seven letters in the last name. A month later the guy came back to have it tattooed over… because he and that girlfriend had broken up. Alex says that based on her experience, the main reason why a guy would get a tattoo on his penis is to prove that he won’t cheat, or to satisfy a girlfriend he cheated on that he won’t be unfaithful again. Yet since she also told me that she has removed or changed penis tattoos many times in order to get rid of the name that had been there, it seems that this method of cheating prevention or relationship safeguarding is not successful. If you insist on getting a tattoo on your penis, wouldn’t it be better to get a symbol that means something to you and your partner, and save your penis the double trauma of having to get a name applied and later removed?!

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