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Dear Dr. Locker: I am worried that my wife might be cheating on me, because she told me that after work, she had a drink with a man who she works with. I don't trust her.

Answer from Dr. Locker

The foundation of a good relationship is trust. So in order to have a good relationship you must start trusting your wife. As far as the issue of your wife having drinks with her coworker, this really could be innocent -- or it could be the start of an affair. Only your wife (and that guy) will know. If she knows your feelings about it, then she should respect you enough to be honest. Talk with her about it. Gently tell her how you feel about it. Let her know that you'd prefer if she kept her business relationships in the office only. Most importantly, you have to stop interrogating your wife, and don't accuse her of anything. Since she says she's not cheating, you must believe her. You're spending too much time being jealous and not enough time enjoying the simple fact that she is in your life. Your jealousy could seriously threaten your relationship. You have to get over your own insecurities on your own. Therapy could probably help you work through this. Good luck.

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