Sex Advice

Dear Dr. Locker: Is it healthy to watch porn with a partner during sex?

Answer from Dr. Locker

If you and your partner want to watch porn during sex sometimes, then it is your choice. Some people don’t like to watch it with a partner, because it may embarrass them to get excited by it in front of their partner. Some people don’t like watching it with a partner because they feel insecure about their own bodies, when they are looking at porn bodies. If someone does not like it, then his or her partner should not force it. But there are people who love watching porn with a partner because they both get turned on. For some it can enhance sex. So as long as you and your partner agree, it’s fine. It probably would not be good if one of you really *needs* it in a compulsive way every time you have sex, or even in order for you or your partner to want to have sex. If there is an issue in which you or your partner are never turned on unless porn is involved, and this is upsetting the relationship, then I suggest that you discuss this with a sex therapist.

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