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Dear Dr. Locker: Michael Phelps has a size 14 foot, so does that mean he has a VERY large penis?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Penis size is not equivalent to shoe size. When it was widely reported during the 2008 Olympics that superstar swimmer Michael Phelps was 6' 4" tall, with a 6'7" arm span, and a size 14 foot, it fueled gossip about the size of the rest of his anatomy. Viewers became even more curious when the outline of his penis was sometimes visible in his bathing suit. The fact is that you will never know the size of Michael Phelps' penis unless you have the chance to measure it yourself. Michael Phelps' penis size remains a mystery -- and is really none of our business, right!

While there are many theories about penis size, none have been proven to be accurate. The correlation between penis size and shoe size, nose size, hand size, and distance between thumb and first finger have all been researched in legitimate scientific studies. None are related to the size of the penis. I am guessing that the most accurate way to predict a man's penis size may be to measure his dad's penis and/or his mother's father's penis. But this study has yet to be done.

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