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Dear Dr. Locker: Once and for all: DOES PENIS SIZE MATTER to women?!

Answer from Dr. Locker

Does a guy’s penis size matter to a woman? That depends. Penis size is often irrelevant when it comes to a woman having an orgasm, since most women have orgasms from clitoral stimulation. The clitoris is located above the vagina, so the penis does not come into contact with it during thrusting in penile-vaginal intercourse. In that respect, therefore, size does not matter, and rather knowing how she likes her clitoris stimulated matters for her orgasmic pleasure. However... Penis size can matter to a woman depending what she likes to feel inside her vagina. Then the issue become more about compatibility, rather than penis size. If her vagina is tight, and a penis is very large, then it might hurt her, and she might not like it. She may prefer a small penis. If her vagina is wide, and a penis is very small, then she might not feel it too much. Penis size matters to this woman if she likes to feel "filled up" in her vagina during sex. She will still be able to have orgasms just the same from her clitoris when it is stimulated. Keep in mind that sexual pleasure is not only achieved from the amount of pressure she feels in her vagina. For more info, check out my answers to these questions:

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