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Dear Dr. Locker: Can you tell me some creative, unique sexy ways to kiss?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Sexy New Kiss #1: The Waterfall Kiss

The next time you’re walking your date home and it starts raining, consider grabbing your sweetie and giving a long smooch, sans umbrella. The wetness of your face and lips will give this kiss an incredibly sensual vibe.

Sexy New Kiss #2: The Tickle-Me Kiss

For a lighter, more playful night of necking, forget about your lips for a second and try using a new tool in your kissing arsenal: your eyelashes. Fluttered against a check or temple, they’ll deliver a barely-there sensation that will leave your lover wanting more, much more.

Sexy New Kiss #3: The Roundabout Kiss

The outer edges of your lips are a sensitive, but oft-ignored, area—so try revving your amour’s motor by trying this move. Trace the tip of your tongue along this periphery, a move that does wonders.

Sexy New Kiss #4: The Power Kiss

Sometimes the most passionate kisses have very little to do with your mouth. Rather, it’s the commanding way you use your hands that can make sparks fly. Grab your partner, pull him or her close with a hand around the waist and cradling the back of his or her head, and plant a power kiss.

Sex New Kiss #5: The Ice-Cube Kiss

On a hot summer day, you can still make chills run up and down your date’s spine by popping an ice cube into your mouth or eating a popsicle… then kiss until you get goosebumps.

Sexy New Kiss #6: Altoid Kiss with a Twist

Those mints that you keep in your pocket can help you with more than just your breath. Try this trick for a tingling sensation, and a tasty game of hide-and-seek. Tuck an Altoid in the back of your cheek and let your kisser try to pull it into his/her mouth with his/her tongue. It makes for some sexy deep kissing, and a really cool feeling.

Sexy New Kiss #7: The Sugar Smooch

Food and kissing can be a great combination, but let’s just say that certain snacks are better-suited than others—and one of the best is marshmallow fluff. Why? It’s sweet, smooth, and melts in your mouth (so you won’t have to swap a big gob of food).

Sexy New Kiss #8: The Stop-and-Go Kiss

This kissing game will get you steaming up the windows of your car in no time: When driving somewhere, promise to smooch every time you’re waiting at a red light. Whether you’ve got time for a full-blown make-out session or just a peck on the lips, it certainly beats just sitting there waiting impatiently, plus it can become a sexy new aspect of your relationship.

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