Sex Advice

Dear Dr. Locker: What should I do if I fart during sex? Is there a way to not pass gas during sex?

Answer from Dr. Locker

It´s only natural that sometime during sex, people pass gas. What can you do about it? You could try to avoid eating foods that most often produce gas. It may be easy for you to cut out unhealthy gas producing foods (like fatty foods, fried foods, artificial sweeteners, and dairy if you are lactose intolerant). Yet many gas producing foods are healthy foods that you may be likely to want to eat (such as beans, broccoli, fruit, certain breads, and more). So it might be tough to eliminate all gas producing foods. Also, cutting out gas producing foods still does not assure that you will never pass gas during sex. People naturally pass gas many times a day, and there´s nothing you can do to entirely stop it. It's just how our bodies work. So what do you do if you pass gas during sex? Nothing unless you´re sure he noticed. In that case, casually say, "Excuse me."

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