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Dear Dr. Locker: What is queefing? Why does it happen? Is there a way to stop queefing?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Sometimes air in the vagina may make a noise during thrusting. Some people call it queefing, some say vaginal fart, some people never use a word for it. The best thing to do about it is accept that it sometimes happens; it is natural and normal. But if you want to try something to reduce the frequency of its occurrence, here are some ideas. To make this less likely, think about the positions in which it usually occurs and then modify those positions. (Every woman's body is different, so you'd have to find those positions for yourself.) Also, queefing occurs with in-and-out thrusting, not with grinding. So you could thrust less, I suppose... Of course, you should never be so self-conscious about a normal aspect of your body that you avoid thrusting, or always avoid certain positions. If it happens to you, you can tell your partner it´s just air moving in and out of your vagina. Also, it´s okay to laugh about it.

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