Sari was named one of the "Women We Love" in that annual issue of Esquire. She has also been quoted in Esquire, as shown in this list.

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Esquire, April 2006

What's the most popular fruit-flavored condom?

It is with a heavy heart and a frothy mug of malaise that I report the findings of my tireless sex team: The preferred flavor of passion is strawberry. Yes, once again the masses disappoint. It's no real shock, I suppose. "People prefer flavors that reflect the mood or situation," rationalizes Durex condoms spokesperson and human-race apologist Sari Locker: "Feeding their lover strawberries and then having a strawberry condom that night after they feed each other strawberries, that sort of thing." I hope to God no one is actually doing that, but nothing would surprise me at this point. "Everybody can relate to strawberry," says Condomania CEO Adam Glickman."Not everybody can relate to coconut." True, relating to coconut can be difficult at first. For many, it conjures up images of savagery, cannibalism, and death. But we must strive to go past our comfort zones. Otherwise, all those young idealist condom flavors-the herbes de Provence, the blood-orange vinaigrettes-can only sit idly by while the nation marches in strawberry lockstep to the nearest drugstore. I can't help but wonder, what were the '60s for, anyway? -- Stacey Grenrock Woods