Dr. Sari Locker has been quoted in Glamour, and two feature articles have been written about her in Glamour. Here's a list of some recent issues that she has been quoted in, and below are features:

  • Foreplay: How to give and get exactly what you want. (Cover Story) Glamour. January 2006, p. 143.

  • The Lowdown on Lube. Glamour. July 2005 p. 54

  • Sexual Health Glamour. June 2005. 2005 p. 92

  • Your Top 15 Sex Questions Answered (Cover Story) Glamour. April 2005. p. 121

  • Advice from a Twentysomething Sex Educator. Glamour. August 1995 (Feature Article: See below)

  • Sari Locker is Glamour's Woman Right Now. Glamour. January 1996. p. 35 (Feature Article: See below)


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