Harvard University

May 2009

Harvard's Orgasm Seminar Presented by Dr. Sari Locker


Students crowded into Science Center C on Friday night, but instead of picking up syllabi, they grabbed free condoms and cupcakes frosted with images of vaginas.

The lecture hall was packed for the fifth annual Female Orgasm Seminar, organized by the Radcliffe Union of Students and led by speaker and sex educator Sari Locker.

Locker mainly focused on the importance of knowing one’s own sexuality rather than relying on what the media, pornography, or others say should feel pleasurable.

“It takes three things to know your own sexuality,” Locker said. “It takes knowing yourself, it takes knowing others, and it takes knowing about sex.”

Despite this serious-sounding message, Locker’s presentation was interactive and interspersed with sexual jokes and innuendoes, drawing plenty of laughs from the attentive audience.

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