Sexing on CNN and American Idol

There’s another story in the news about teens’ sexting nude pictures. This time, however, the teens are being charged with child porn! Read about it here. (For more on sexting, read my December 4th, 6th, 10th, 12th blog posts.) I talked about the story today in my usual spot with Mike Galanos on CNN Headline News. The other guest was former sex crimes prosecutor Wendy Murphy, who was great. A caller told us that she thinks the reason why teen girls send teen nude pictures is because of our oversexed media culture. Her example: Bikini Girl from last night’s American Idol audition. The media is only a part of the story, as I have previously discussed in this blog. Of course, I couldn’t resist going off-topic to address Bikini Girl, and to say: Why didn’t Paula or Kara admonish her, and let her know that it is completely inappropriate to wear a bathing suit to an audition?! Wendy Murphy agreed, and added that it wasn’t only the female judges’ responsibility, Simon and Randy should have chimed in, too. 

Dr. Sari Locker on CNN Headline News January, 2009
Dr. Sari Locker, After CNN HN, Jan. 14, 2009

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